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this is the cutest thing ive seen all day omfg


My amazing followers! I am moving to a new tumblr account for reasons of YouTube publicity! Please follow my new tumblr at

Where all da Anons at?

Anonymous asked:
Do you like Perry the platypus? I love perry.

Have you not seen my slippers and pants?

Anonymous asked:
you're awesome at swimming!

I’m decent

Anonymous asked:
Marry Me!

Uh ok :)

Anonymous asked:
Hehe I like your smile :D

Aw thx anon :)

If you wanna talk or need advice just inbox me anon is on

thenyctophiliac-deactivated2013 asked:
You have been found. I've missed your online ass.

Ok one I haven’t changed my URL and 2 I have to try and find you have the fucking time XD

Late night an my inbox is open :) please? I’m lonely….